The death of Mahsa Amini and ongoing protests across Iran

The Swedish Trade Union Confederation is deeply concerned by the death of Mahsa Amini after she suffered injuries while in police custody. The Iranian regime must respect and ensure the fundamental rights of Iran’s citizens and that those who are under any form of detention are not subject to violence and mistreatment.

Trade Union solidarity with Ukraine

The solidarity of the international trade union movement with Ukraine has a long history. The International Trade Union Confederation, ITUC, of which LO is a member, has supported Ukrainian free and democratic trade unions since the country’s independence in 1991. LO has written a report on our trade union solidarity work with Ukraine. The report is available in English and Ukrainian.

Seminar: Stronger unions for a more perfect union

From the beginning, trade union organization has been about democratic rights in working life and its consequences for contributing to the building of society. How can trade unions and social partnership strengthen and shape the EU in times of changing labour market, global challenges and conflicts?

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